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15 Garden Party Ideas for Summer 2022

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

There’s nothing that we love more than a sunny day in the UK, and what do we do on a sunny day? Rush outdoors to make the most of it, because let's be honest, it isn’t all that often that we get the opportunity for a summer garden party. That’s why we’ve put a list of 15 top party ideas so that you and your friends can enjoy your gardens this summer!

Cinema Night

Fancy a movie night with a bunch of your friends but not feeling the cinema and their extortionate popcorn prices? Why not hire a giant inflatable cinema screen, a bunch of beanbags, chip in for a shed load of snacks, grab yourself a bucket full of drinks, watch unlimited movies and don’t worry about those annoying kids throwing sweets at the back of your head (unless those are your friends).

Cinema Igloo

The benefit of this? Your garden, your rules, plus if you can group together a few mates, it probably works out cheaper than the cinema. If you ask us, that’s a win-win scenario!

Where can you find one of these giant cinema screens and projectors? It’s easy, just like the majority of things on this Garden Party Idea list, you can find it with a simple search on google or check out the link below!

Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar

Mojito’s, Bloody Mary’s, Pornstar Martinis… What better way to enjoy the sun than with a shed load of cocktails? That’s right, there’s not! So why not hire your very own cocktail bar for the day, or if you’re on a budget, set up your very own. It’s the perfect way to party with your friends, because who doesn’t love getting drunk on fruit juice!

With a variety of events businesses offering mobile cocktail bars or the availability to purchase a cheap cocktail making kit, there’s no excuse not to enjoy your garden!

Igloo Hire

In the midst of lockdown, igloo and dome hire took an extreme rise in popularity, and rightly so! These little gems are the perfect solution to your own intimate garden party. With events businesses getting creative, there are tons of different activities & party styles to choose from, making your party completely unique!

Fine Dining Igloo

Why not keep the trend going in summer 2022? With a gorgeous summer supposedly ahead of us, an igloo is everything you need and more! Enjoy those cold, refreshing drinks, top up your tan and blast your music! Summer won’t last long!

Get Decorative

Feeling those chilled out vibes? Decorating your garden can create the perfect atmosphere for a luscious afternoon in the sun! Who knows, you may even find a new look for your garden.

Garden Party

Add some ambiance with rows of dimly lit light bulbs, decorate your table with blooming flowers, add some colourful liners and cushions to your outdoor furniture and set up a comfy seating area with a cosy lit fire pit for when the sun starts to set!

Thinking of food and drinks? Why not go al fresco and choose a theme to follow. From Spanish tapas and sangria to a Pizza Party with Negroni’s and Aperol Spritz or you could light the BBQ and get smokey with a collection of yours and your friend's favourite foods!

Whatever you choose to do, there’s a ton of ways in which you can turn your garden into a picturesque party scene.

TeePee Hire

Have you heard of the rise of Teepee Hire? If not, you must have been living under a rock! Taking the country by storm, a picturesque storm to say the least, Teepees seem to be the perfect solution to a night under the starlit sky after a sunny afternoon spent in the garden.

Teepee Hire

Fitting for both kids and adults, and with plenty of events businesses now offering giant teepees kitted out with all the essentials, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be exploring the opportunities they offer! Host your very own sleepover party, use it as shade for your bbq party, set up a cinema screen and spend the night watching movies or do anything else to create the perfect garden party.

Fire Pit

Us Brits love a late night in the summer, especially after we’ve spent the day catching a few rays and enjoying a few drinks, and what better way to wind down than round a wood lit fire pit with your closest friends and family!

Fire Pit

Snuggle up with some fluffy blankets, turn the speaker up, crack open a bottle of wine and tear open that big bag of marshmallows, enjoy that last bit of sun before the sky turns stary, have a laugh with your friends and don’t think about the hangover until the following morning!

Looking to get yourself a fire pit? All it takes is a quick search on the web, there’s a plethora of fire pits available on a budget,

so you won’t even have to fork out much for this party!


When it comes to summer, BBQ’s are a sacred tradition to us. We often find that they signal the start of summer and are the last thing we do before we head back to those darker months of winter! So realistically, there’s no surprise this is on our list.


Now, instead of heading to your local supermarket and buying their basic burgers, a pack of Richmond sausages and a few slices of cheese, why not get creative this summer! And by creative, we mean experiment with making your own food, marinades and more, it really does go a long way, and we’ll tell you now, you and your guests will appreciate the day a whole lot more!

Not much of a cook? It’s easy, YouTube has a ton of simple recipe guides to follow, no matter the budget, so does BBC good foods or even your local butcher, who are experts in the meat they sell, so don’t be afraid to ask! Just remember to check the gas bottle before your guests arrive!

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea, we all love it but we hardly do it. This is your signal to finally host that Afternoon Tea party for you and your friends, and what better place to do it than your back garden on a sunny summer's day!

Afternoon Tea

How do you host an afternoon tea party you ask? It’s simple! Start with your snacks, select a number of table toppers that you and your guests can graze on whilst catching up on everything you’ve done in the last week, brew a big ern of tea or coffee, or something a bit heavier if that’s the vibe you’re looking for. Head to your local bakery and pick up a few cakes to add that sweet touch for those who love a desert, and last but

not least, jazz up your garden with some summer decoration, from bunting, to flowers and maybe even some fairy lights for when the nighttime draws in!

Can’t be bothered to set it all up? Don’t worry, there are a plethora of events businesses that offer exactly what you’re looking for, so why not drop one of them a message and see what they can do for you!

Pizza Party

This ones for the foodies who love to get behind the stove and experiment, or in this case a pizza oven! Everyone loves a fresh handmade pizza, and that’s exactly why it’s the perfect solution to a chilled garden party this summer.

Pizza Party

Where do I get a pizza oven you ask? There’s plenty of catering and events companies who have compact pizza ovens, perfect for an intimate garden party, and what’s even better, they only take a few minutes to cook, so you definitely won’t be standing over the stove all night long!

Combine this with a cosy fire pit, a bucket of cold drinks and a few fairy lights to really make your garden glow and you’ve got the ideal

setting for a chilled out night with your family and friends.

Party Games

Get creative with your garden this summer and host your very own party games. Accompany this with a few beers or a bottle of wine and you’ve got yourself a hilarious evening that you and your friends will remember for years to come!

In need of some party game ideas, we’ve got you covered, checkout the list below:

  • Ring Toss: Instead of throwing those empty wine bottles to the trash, keep them safe and create your own DIY bottle toss. All you’ll need is a few rings to throw at them.

Want to take it a bit further, why not decorate your bottles in different colours and add a few prizes that you and your friends can compete for, it’s bound to get interesting!

  • Beer Pong: We all love a drinking game, and what better than Beer Pong. Grab hold of 12 plastic cups (6 for each team) and set them up in triangles at either end of a long table. Fill them up with drinks of your choice and if you want to make it extra interesting, add a few revolting ‘drinks’ to add some extra suspense. You’ll also need some ping pong balls to throw into the cups.

How does it work? Divide yourselves into even teams, each player takes in turn to throw a ping pong ball at the other teams cups. What happens if you land one? The person you’re playing against on the other team has to down the drink you hit. One you’ve hit all of the other teams' cups, you win! It’s as simple as that.

  • Balloon Darts: Grab a wooden board, or just use your fence if you don’t mind a few dart holes. Blow up 12 balloons, grab a marker pen and write the number of points each balloon will be worth when you play. Once you’ve done this, stick them to your chosen surface with some sticky tape and grab a hold of your darts.

Split yourselves into teams, or play as a single and see who can rack up the most points. Want to make it a bit more interesting? Why not add a forfeit for the person who scores the least points, we’ll let you choose that!

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